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Introduction to the Orquesta Típica (Free Guide)

Do you want to learn to distinguish one orchestra from another?


Do you want to understand the music and improve your dancing?

Learn a new way of listening that will change the way you dance, teach, play and share tango with others.

Understanding what we hear makes us enjoy more, makes us dance better, makes us play better.

So that a SYNCOPATION or a 3-3-2 will never scare you again!

And for you to discover everything you're missing out on with your favorite styles...

Introduction to the Orquesta Típica

What is the orquesta típica made of? How many elements and layers of information are playing at the same time? Who is playing what? What am I really hearing? And above all... what am I not hearing? Here is the toolbox to understand what orchestral tango is made of. 
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Carlos Di Sarli's Style 

A perfect mix of romanticism, elegance, and tango grit, Carlos Di Sarli is a connection point of tradition, both backwards and forwards. Here are the keys to understanding one of the most elegant and enigmatic styles in the history of tango.

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Aníbal Troilo's Style 

Aníbal Troilo knew how to combine musical excellence, danceable rhythm and interpretative depth, always within the reach of popular taste. Here are the keys to understanding Troilo’s lyricism and his interpretative patterns through the ages.

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I'm Ignacio Varchausky. 


Musician, producer, collector and educator.

I live and work in Buenos Aires, the city where I was born and raised.

Thank you for visiting my site and being interested in my work!


More about me…
Leopoldo Federico  

"The day people truly understand and grasp the importance of Ignacio Varchausky's work and everything he is doing for the history of tango, we will never stop expressing our gratitude."

Milena Plebs recommending The Essential Styles of Tango

Milena Plebs 

"The Essential Styles of Tango courses teach you how to listen to and understand tango!

These courses are incredibly valuable for dancers, musicians, or anyone with a general curiosity. Ignacio's explanations are presented in a simple, organized, and didactic manner, delving into the various resources and musical expressions of the great tango orchestras. He generously shares clear and practical tools, unveiling the expressive 'tricks and secrets' of tango in meticulous detail. His use of fantastic examples from original recordings of immense historical value further enriches the learning experience. I wholeheartedly recommend these courses to anyone eager to explore the world of tango, whether for performance or pure enjoyment."

Horacio Pebete Godoy recommending The Essential Styles of Tango

Horacio "Pebete" Godoy  

"Ignacio managed to translate tango and the language of its orchestras in a clear, dynamic and professional way, as it had never been done before.

He helped me to align the planets in musical terms. From his teachings I was able to distinguish the layers of the music and, through that, to understand and comprehend the arrangements and decisions of the great orchestras. Today, without being a musician, I can understand and analyze much better all the great orchestras of the '40s. Happy with the development that I can now do by my own means, I think that Ignacio's courses are a necessary tool for all the people who want to receive wisdom and be free in their decisions." 

Víctor Lavallén
Víctor Lavallén   

"I want to congratulate Ignacio Varchausky for his outstanding contribution to the teaching of tango. The Essential Styles of Tango courses are incredibly valuable for training new generations of musicians and dancers. With his innovative methods and techniques, Ignacio has filled a much-needed gap in understanding and performing the various styles of tango. It's a remarkable achievement, and I'm truly grateful for his dedication and hard work. Thank you, Ignacio, for bringing something new and essential to the tango community."

Rodrigo Rufino & Gigi Passi
Rodrigo Rufino & Gigi Passi 

"Ignacio is our tango music teacher. Thanks to his enriching teaching we have been able to create for many years concrete bridges between music theory and the construction of the dance. We admire his detailed study of traditional milonguero orchestras, as well as his inspiration to discover new recordings. Perhaps the most wonderful thing is that in addition to offering infinite information about tango music, he has the magical gift of communication. His way of transmitting tango is simply unique and unparalleled."

Filippo Sanguinetti
Filippo Sanguinetti

"Simply a genius. Ignacio has an infinity of tango knowledge with an oratorical capacity that only the greats develop. Studying with him is a continuous discovery, a way to learn about tango from a different point of view, but totally connected to danceable tango."

Víctor Lavallén
Esteban Moreno    

"Listening to tangos and liking them is easy. Enjoying tango, loving tango is easy. Understanding what tango music is made of is not easy.

What is Troilo made of? Why does Gobbi sound like that? How can we explain the delicacy of D'Agostino or Tanturi? Are Di Sarli and D'Arienzo really that different?

Thanks to Ignacio, these questions now have an answer. A clear answer that invites us to keep listening, studying, and enjoying with greater depth each time. Thanks to Ignacio, we can now understand tango as music without being musicians and without knowing its specific language!

Ignacio explains the musical art of tango with an accessible language, overcoming the difficulties inherent to the genre. Ignacio managed to organize the sounds, perceive the gestures and the secrets behind them, and perhaps most notably: he is capable of sharing it with methodology, examples, patience, and tremendous enthusiasm.

He studied the musical heritage, the styles of orchestras and ensembles, the personalities and sounds of the performers, and created an enormous map, a mix of a treasure map and a family tree of styles and influences. Guiding us by the hand or giving us precise instructions, we manage to unearth the treasures, understand them, and observe them in all their power, dynamism, and relevance.

Ignacio is simply unique: he is a musician, a creator, a project generator, a collector, a producer, a pedagogue, and a passionate communicator of tango.

I truly admire his work and his ability to share with clarity, to explain, to infect us with his good taste, and to make us discover the multiple mysteries of tango."

Rodrigo Rufino & Gigi Passi
Ariadna Naveira  

"Ignacio possesses the humility of the true greats. His genuine desire to share makes his generosity infinite, just as his deep wish to share the treasure he has discovered with everyone.

His extensive experience in the search for specific, often unpublished, and above all, reliable material blends perfectly with the intelligent empathy that prevails in his transmission.

His natural talent and technical prowess when it comes to conveying his knowledge generate a desire to keep listening, and that is the magic of the artist.

Ignacio is pure inspiration..."

Filippo Sanguinetti
Fernando Sánchez 

"Ignacio's courses are an opening towards a sensorial-conceptual whole.

We listen, analyze, understand, and take those tools so that our expression paves its way; from that knowledge intersected by our emotions, we achieve a profound expression that aligns us more with what we truly feel, making the path easier and therefore more readable and tangible. This enlarges the artist.

To the audience, it makes them sensitive receivers. For those who appreciate art, artistic expression, it focuses them, allowing them to reach beyond their own emotions, to new, unknown, profound, and personal ones. Ignacio's work invites you to know yourself, to be moved, to discover yourself.

These classes are invaluable; they endure over time, in life, and without us even realizing it, they sensitize us in every aspect. Here, the value of details takes on another meaning, details that become a transformative whole."

Patricia Soto (Galicia, España) 

"Ignacio is a genius; he transports you to a world full of magic and wisdom, making it easy for you to understand music. He is a great communicator, and listening to him, you don't want the hours to pass."

Valentina (Milano, Italia)

"The stature of the greats is also recognized in the simplicity and generosity with which they share their wisdom: Ignacio is an absolute genius. Taking his courses is like diving into an ocean of wonders for the first time and, through his guidance, being able to see new colors. In one word: unmissable!"

Carmen de la Rosa (Madrid, España)

"Ignacio is a great MASTER, I have been following him for many years. He teaches in a way that is easily accessible to anyone. Engaging, fun, intense, and exciting at the same time, he always makes you resonate in his courses. He truly manages to open up your listening, and by the end of each course, you realize that you now perceive and listen to everything in a different way: more details, more parts, more layers than you used to hear before."

Vittorio (Monza, Italia) 

"Ignacio taught me to understand and interpret music deeply. He possesses great knowledge and acute sensitivity. Thank you!"

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